”Since 2012, we have been proud to be distributors in the Nordic countries for Kementec Solutions, a partnership characterized by deep and close collaboration. By working closely together through many years, we have fulfilled the needs of both academic customers, IVD manufacturers and everything in-between. We highly value how Kementec Solutions has continually evolved through the years, prioritizing conscious alternatives helping customers reach their sustainability goals. These qualities make Kementec Solutions not only a reliable partner but also a visionary one, aligning perfectly with our goals and values We look forward to many more years of this invaluable partnership.”

Henrik Tind Nielsen, CCO & Co Owner at Kem-En-Tec Nordic A/S




Having been a distributor for Kementec since 2017, we highly value our long-term partnership. Kementec perfectly embodies the core values of 2BScientific: Exceptional Product Quality, Outstanding Customer Service and Unparallelled Commitment to More Sustainable Life Science Research. Their comprehensive product range has enabled us to repeatedly meet the needs of our customers, always ensuring excellent product quality and timely delivery.  Kementec’s proactive and collaborative approach, along with their dedication to continuous improvement, closely aligns with our business goals, making them the ideal partner in our pursuit of excellence.

Valeria Milazzo, Head of Marketing at 2BScientific

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