Product performance

“At Fuller Laboratories we have successfully used WellChampion from Kementec Solutions, for a number of years, in our manufacturing of ELISA plates. WellChampion has helped us to improve the workflow of our manufacturing process and highly improved the stability of our antigens coated to the plates. We also noticed many years ago that we could skip the antigen wash steps altogether by directly adding WellChampion at equal volume, which we continue to do today. At that time Kementec Solutions evaluated and recommended that process for general use. We can only recommend other manufactures to explore the positive effects of WellChampion in their manufacturing process and product performance.” 

Lee Fuller, CEO at Fuller Laboratories




"We tested WellChampion in our Potato leafroll virus (PLRV) assay. WellChampion has shown good results improving stability at 43⁰C. The presence of WellChampion in conjugate helps to better preserve tests. In general we have been pleased with the product. “

Alexander Urusov, Federal Research Centre "Fundamentals of Biotechnology" RAS