We operate in eco-friendly ways from Research & Development to the final product delivery. Our Vision is to strive to reduce the environmental impact of the healthcare industry without compromising quality, stability, and accuracy. We strive to phase out and reduce the use of toxic substances, in order to create the best conditions for our employees, partners and the world surrounding us.

Get to know us tells the story of Kementec turning into the market leader of manufacturing immunoassay components with focus on uncompromised safety for personnel and environment.

Kementec’s eco-friendly options for immunoassays are called ECO-TEK®. Our ECO-TEK® components enable the development and production of cost efficient immunoassays without compromising quality, stability and accuracy.

It is of great importance to us, that Kementec contributes to less waste and pollution by reusing packing materials, which we do on a daily basis. It is an ongoing project to develop internal processes further, in order to continue working on goals to obtain responsible consumption and production.