October 16, 2020

Kementec continues to support the Danish Cancer Society

Every third Dane is diagnosed with cancer, and chances are that we will all be affected by cancer in one way or another at some point, in our own lives. The disease costs many lives every day, however as we continuously raise the bar in cancer research and treatment - more and more patients survive cancer.

Knæk Cancer is Denmark's largest cancer fundraiser and on 24 October we will join the annual collection and raise money for research, prevention, and patient support. The goal is to reduce the number of cancer diagnoses, improve the survival rates and quality of life as a cancer patient.   

Cancer patients and other vulnerable individuals have been severely affected during this pandemic. Many have isolated themselves for fear of becoming infected.  Visits from loved ones when hospitalized, and their support when receiving difficult messages have been very limited during this pandemic. “Cancer has not become less urgent during the COVID-19 pandemic”, says the Danish Cancer Society's CEO, Jesper Fisker.

To learn more about the Danish Cancer Society please visit: https://www.cancer.dk/international/