November 15, 2019

Product launch

Kementec is now launching the Enhanced PLUS series of HRP conjugates. Based on a polymer technology, we have developed a series of conjugates, enabling up to 8-fold signal increase from conventional HRP conjugates.

Enhanced PLUS:

Streptavidin-HRP (cat. no. 7000N)
Sheep anti-Human-IgG-HRP (cat. no. 7010N)
Sheep anti-Mouse-IgG-HRP (cat. no. 7020N)
Goat anti-Rabbit-IgG-HRP (cat. no. 7030N)

Comparison between our own Enhanced Streptavidin-HRP (cat. no. 4740N), the new Enhanced PLUS Streptavidin-HRP and a conventional Steptavidin-HRP conjugate from a competitor.


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