At Kementec, we are proud to elaborate on our Sustainable Partnership Program, designed to revolutionize the way we think about sustainable business. For over 35 years, sustainability has been a core element of our business identity.

What are our goals within the Sustainable Partnership Program?

Our vision is clear: to deliver outstanding products that benefit both people and planet!

Our commitment to environmental focus is evidenced by our adherence to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. Our Quality and Environmental Management System is continually refined, guiding us toward more environmentally conscious solutions that do not sacrifice quality or performance. 

Our sense of social responsibility is profound, which is why we proudly offer our ECO-TEK and animal-free products, specifically crafted with sustainability in mind. 

We aim for all new Kementec products to not only meet these criteria but also to be the preferred choice for immunoassay manufacturers who value safer and more sustainable solutions without compromising on quality, sensitivity, or accuracy.

ELISA plateIn the context of immunoassays, traditionally, components used in ELISAs have included biological and chemical hazards to enhance quality and prolong shelf life. However, these components often contribute to significant environmental harm due to the hazardous waste generated, especially considering the high amounts of tests of modern automated analyzers in clinical labs. By rethinking the standard components and processes, we are making strides towards reducing these environmental impacts. 

At Kementec, we believe in not just focusing on the present but building a better, more sustainable future together. Through our Sustainable Partnership Program, we continue to embed environmental excellence into our culture, taking pride in contributing to a more conscious future.

We invite our partners and customers to join us in this vital journey, as we rethink sustainable business for a greener tomorrow.