Production technician

Kementec holds many years of experience with handling individual customer’s specialized requirements. 

In our state-of-the art facilities, we manufacture substrates and buffers in batches up to 1450L. We have specialist experience in process scale and validation of all significant steps. We have extensive temperature controlled storage facilities and filling line for dispensing can accommodate large-scale demands. For the past 20 years, Kementec has been the preferred supplier of bulk volumes of substrates and buffers to some of the world’s largest global immunoassay manufactures.

Bottling & Packaging

Kementec can supply customized solutions to fit your packing and dispensing needs (8 mL – 200 L). Automated liquid filling guarantees specific batch tolerances. Our specialists can assist you with customized packaging and label design.

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Every significant step of the manufacturing process is controlled to ensure that the dispensed product has the same quality as our batch source. As an ongoing process, we manage critical process parameters.

Our ISO9001 based QA System supports: Change Control Notification, Batch Documentation, Audit Availability and CAPA Procedures.

Customized product formulations

TMB Substrates adjusted to a specific activity

Kementec’s TMB products have corresponding diluents for achieving a specific activity level. This allows our customers to get a TMB substrate with exactly the same activity level as the assay was originally developed to, in the cases where a change of TMB supplier is needed, or simply adjust the signal to the desired activity level.

Prestained versions

TMB substrates are also available as unique color-coded products for traceable pipetting. The pink indicator makes manual pipetting traceable, while in automatic analyzers, it offers a convenient tracking system for reagent supply. The color disappears after adding the recommended stop solution and does not interfere with the assay.