Over the past decade, immunoassay manufacturers have been working towards more environmentally conscious and sustainable manufacturing. Much of this effort has been focused on reducing usage of facility water and energy use, reducing facility waste, increasing facility recycling, and sourcing recycled/recyclable products packaging.

Many common components used in ELISAs contain biological and chemical hazards, which were traditionally used to increase assay quality and to prolong assay shelf-life. Considering that the average automated immunoassay analyzer in a clinical lab can run 200 tests per hour while processing samples 24/7, these components can generate a considerable amount of hazardous waste. ELISAs have not traditionally been eco-friendly and several components in this type of assays are usually environmentally harmful.

Kementec’s environmentally conscious options for immunoassays are called ECO-TEK®.

ECO-TEK® products are environmentally conscious components enabling development and production of cost efficient immunoassays without compromising quality, stability and accuracy. Additionally, transport of immunoassay may be done worldwide with less import restrictions and paperwork.

These products offer the highest level of sustainability for manufacturing immunoassays with the following characteristics:

Our immunoassay solutions are environmentally conscious, creating a healthy work environment and preserving natural resources, while helping our customers fulfill significant regulatory requirements.

We call it ECO-TEK®.

ECOTEK logo in front of green forest