Colors of success

The Kementec story started over 35 years ago, with development of laboratory consumables, focusing on enzyme substrates. When launching the first water soluble, ready-to-use, enzyme substrates in the 1990’s these products were quickly adapted by our customers, with many of which we still have a close and trustworthy cooperation.

Over the years, our customers started to recognize Kementec as the company “with all the colorful solutions”, such as our substrates – yellow, purple and blue - and stained buffers – orange and pink, which became a signature mark for Kementec.

Internally, this translated into our products being the Colors of Success, for Kementec as well as our customers.

During a re-branding process in 2018, the motto: Colors of Success played a strong part in Kementec’s new look and design, which we are very proud of.

Our vision is to be the market leader in providing high quality colorimetric substrates, and color-coded reagents to the immunoassay market, we call that: Colors of Success