Meet the team

Tobias Greve-Vilby, co-CEO

"I value the cross-functional collaboration culture at Kementec Solutions and how it enables us to adapt to our customers needs and ensure timely delivery of high quality products."

Elaine Lundberg, co-CEO

“Building a relationship with collaboration partners in order to understand their needs and solve any issues they may have is key to me. I appreciate the importance of close collaboration.”

Bo Johansson, R&D Manager

”I strive to come up with innovative solutions for our customers that can contribute to improving their immunoassays.”

Hugo Høyer, Customer Service

“Proactive customer support and continuous improvements of our services towards our partners are very important to me, and I strive to make improvements every day.”

Finn Christensen, Logistics Manager

“I enjoy having a close relationship with our shipping partners, this enables me to give our customers the best service, when it comes to shipping our products all over the world.”