Get to know us

Kementec is a well-established, innovative, and service oriented company with more than 35 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of components to the industry and to researchers worldwide. Being a market leader in developing solutions for immunoassays, our continuous goal is to deliver sustainable products without compromising on quality, sensitivity and accuracy. Kementec’s ECO-TEK products offer the highest level of sustainability for manufacturing immunoassays with the following characteristics:

  • Free of BSA
    Easing cross border paperwork & improving assay reproducibility
  • Free of NMP or other harmful organic solvents – 100% aqueous
    Reducing regulatory concerns
  • Free of toxic preservatives and hazardous stop solutions
    Improving work environments

Our immunoassay solutions are eco-friendly, creating a healthy work environment and preserving natural resources, while helping our customers fulfill significant regulatory requirements.

Kementec values long lasting business relationships and the success of our customers. We consider ourselves more as a trusted partner than as a general supplier. We understand the importance of being able to supply on time, the same high-quality products in every shipment and being the partner that can assist with needed solutions in every situation. This enables you to focus on what you do best - developing and manufacturing high quality immunoassays.

Your partner all the way - 360°