Kementec - a sustainable way of doing business

Understanding where we make the most impact
Kementec has a long-standing history of commitment to sustainability, and with inspiration from United nations Sustainable Development Goals we are working actively towards a more sustainable production of chemical and biological reagents. For Kementec, these goals strongly inspired us to step further up on sustainability, providing better healthcare for more people while reducing our environmental footprint.

Governments and corporations worldwide have agreed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the life sciences industry has taken a leadership position in the sustainability movement. The industry recognizes its importance and is striving to improve. Over the past decade, immunoassay manufacturers have been working towards more environmentally consciousness and sustainable manufacturing. A great part of this effort has been focused on reducing usage of facility water and energy, reducing facility waste, and increasing recycling.

At Kementec we offer a product line called ECO-TEK, which provides our customers with a unique opportunity to meet their sustainability goals and to achieve their regulatory requirements. By reducing the toxic effect in the manufacturing of immunoassays the environmental footprint is minimized, and a safer work environment is generated.



It is an integrated part of Kementec’s way of thinking, that in every new Research & Development project, we are committed to find the most sustainable solution. It is our vision that all new Kementec products will become ECO-TEK, and being the preferred choice for the immunoassay manufacture that values green solutions, without compromising on quality, sensitivity and accuracy.

We continuously set new goals to develop responsible consumption and production. Today, we run solely on power generated by renewable energy sources and we contribute to less waste and pollution by recycling packing materials.

Through the long-lasting relationships with our customers in the healthcare industry, we make our best effort to introduce and convert the use of conventional reagents into more sustainable alternatives, to the benefit of us all.