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Labels and Conjugates

Kementec offers Alkaline Phosphatase (AP), Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) and Streptavidin that can be coupled to proteins, like antibodies, resulting in conjugates, used in ELISA, membrane & IHC applications, biosensors etc.

All labels are ECO-TEK which includes:

  • Free of Toxic Preservatives
  • Free of Bovine Serum Albumin
  • Free of Harmful Organic Solvents


Enhanced PLUS Sheep anti-Human IgG-HRP
Enhanced PLUS Sheep anti-Mouse IgG-HRP
Enhanced PLUS Goat anti-Rabbit IgG-HRP

These antibody-HRP-conjugates specific for human, mouse and rabbit IgG, can greatly increase assay sensitivity and offer several advantages when limited amounts of antibody or antigen are available:
– Signal amplification
– Ultrasensitive detection
– Faster assay time

Enhanced Streptavidin-HRP
Enhanced Streptavidin-HRP is a HRP-conjugate specific for biotinylated antibodies and is characterized by an enhanced molar ratio of >5 HRP enzymes covalently coupled to a polymer backbone.