Yellow ELISA Plate

Soluble AP Substrates

In a soluble chromogenic Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) assay setup, like an ELISA, the preferred substrate is pNPP (p-nitrophenylphosphate). Kementec offers two different pNPP solutions, which are mono-component and stable for up to 36 months.

pNPP liquid ready-to-use substrate is highly active. The substrate gives superior results due to its sensitivity, allowing very low detection limits.

pNPP ONE liquid ready-to-use substrate is incredibly stable.  PNPP ONE shows superior background characteristics due to its high temperature robustness.

Both pNPPs are ECO-TEK, making them REACH, Annex XVII compliant and easy to transport with less restrictions. ECO-TEK includes:

  • Free of Toxic Preservatives
  • Free of Harmful Organic Solvents
  • Free of Hazardous Stop Solutions